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    El Golf

    5th Floor - Apoquindo Avenue
    Price - per suite
    Square Footage Available - 80 to 3000
    Lease Term - 1 Day - 3 Years

    Suites Details:

    19 floors high building. All made in glass and metal. Very modern structure, located in one of the best and newer neighbourhoods of the city, where a new business and commercial area is being developed . The new centre will be located walking distance from subway line , and next to the main avenues (easy access).


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  • Video conferencing, LCD projectors and Digital white boards
  • High Speed photo copiers
  • Utilities, cleaning and maintenance
  • Word processing, faxing, courier services
  • Travel services, office supplies and translation services
  • Complete kitchen facilities with complimentary beverage service
  • Mail delivery - Postal and Package handling services
  • Extended hours of air conditioning and heating
  • Fully featured telephone systems and 24 hour voicemail
  • Wired conference and training rooms
  • Building directory listing
  • Furnished Office Suites
  • 24/7 Secured Access
  • Multiple On-Site Conference Rooms
  • High-speed Internet Access (T1/ T3 Connectivity)
  • Multiple Voice and Data Ports
  • Visitor Reception and Greeting Service
  • Personalized Phone Answering
  • Map